He will tailor each performance according to audience age or mix and understanding to ensure each show is unique for every event and present a mix of both visual, classic and unusual magic- with his own twist.Years of experience working with children and tricks of the trade inspires enthusiasm and captures the children's attention. So if your searching for a way to entertain and bring people together contact himpersonally. Having a children entertainer at your kids birthday party is a proven way to make your celebration truly special. If you ask your child what their favorite day of the year is, the answer would usually be their birthday.Your child's birthday party is a BIG deal. Making their birthday really special is what it's all about. We want the best for our kids and if you make your child happy they'll absolutely LOVE you for it!

Corporate/Office Events

Jayant is a refreshing addition to all manner of corporate functions. Professional, jaunty hosting, including magical bridge segments. Sales promotion and product unveilings at trade shows, mixed with extraordinary magic tie-ins to the product and marketing message, all of which will turn your booth into a special attraction. Performances for special occasions and team building events. Magic workshops for employees and managers. Company fun days for employees and their children. Children’s shows for company day-camp, along with an optional magic workshop. Before any event, Guy will meet the company’s representatives, learn the requirements and requests, and create a performance completely tailor-made for the customer’s goals.

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Personal Event

An entertaining show that will dazzle and amuse your audience, and bring smiles to their faces. Jayant presents a mix of amazing magic and improbable acts, using simple props and with full audience participation, alongside unique and original surprise and hilarious anecdotes. The show is suitable for adult and teen birthdays, company team building events, sports team events, recruitment or end-of-service parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or even groups of people who are just looking for more unique entertainment on a Friday night in their own living room – fun and pleasure are guaranteed! The show is suitable for parties of all kinds, and is tailored according to size of audience, theme of the event, and customer requirements.

Grand Events

Jayant quickly bonds with the audience, and turns any event into a unique and amusing experience, while Providing high-class entertainment combining amazing magic effects, using spontaneous every day props and his unique sense of humor. His light and fun personality merged with an unusual and dizzying pace creates a spectacle that cannot be resisted or ignored. Both his Walk around magic and Stand Up magic shows are fascinating, intimate and fun, with lots of laughter, surprise and spectator involvement. Jayant has been performing his magic for years, his magic shows are highly successful and are hosted at company events and private functions of all kinds. He performs in family events, hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars, corporate events, street shows, weddings and birthdays for all ages. Add Jayant Pathak to your guest list today and bring unforgettable magic to your event.